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It`s in the novel marriage agreement kk. 😊 He came in and found Tari out of the room. How to get there. The clothes are neat. “Dance… bian shouted. He had a lot to explain to his wife. I really don`t understand why Raka thinks that? Is it because of my attitude? Snthy and stubborn. In fact, my attitude isn`t like that, it`s just that I don`t want to spoil the person who has been playing with my feelings for years, instead, I hate him because I love him too much, and he should know that. “I-I… ” stuttered Bian.

Where are you going? Which suitcase is in front? » The novel is now po Lot 2 at 30 Sept. Kk domizil wo ist kak? As far as I know, Raka has never been like that. I`ve been used to his false attention for a long time, and now he`s behaving the other way around. . “Loh, how come you`re still here?” asked Tari as he turned around. “I found you unconscious in the bath bob.” “What happened?” I asked, ignoring his comments. Bian looked doubtful. Sometimes, just waking up late, it must be the morning prayer at the mosque. They went well during the first month, almost unhindered.

It`s just that Tari is quite difficult to wake up her husband to pray at the mosque at dawn. In a week, maybe only once or twice. But he was grateful, Bian didn`t protest against every awakened man. The novel can be purchased in gramedia or other ga kak fatma bookstores. .? I want to buy the MBA novel. Domiciliate me in sukamandi subang “Hmmm.” The dance is always busy admiring the slackening underneath. . Dance opened the helmet window and let the wind hit his wet face with tears. He`s tired of all this. Tired of grief. Tired of waiting for her husband to change. Tired of being the only one trying to be alone.

He wants to be happy. Do you want to live a quiet life. Bian smiled slightly. “No, that`s all. That`s all it is. There is no rice. I just make pancakes,” Tari said. “Uh, it looks like we`re running out of milk.

This weekend we have to shop. I see what`s in the fridge for breakfast. Tari gently massaged Tian`s neck while her husband vomited his breakfast. .

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