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There is a plan with a selection of two deadlines. ESA covers many parts of the vehicle, but not the EV battery or propulsion unit, which are only covered by its initial 8-year warranties. As stated above, any system exchange made under warranty is covered by a 4/50,000 mile warranty. The Extended Service Agreement covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct hardware or processing errors in most parts manufactured or delivered by Tesla during the coverage period, with the exception of the lithium-ion battery and the vehicle`s propulsion unit, which have a separate warranty. Coverage is based on the purchased contract option and comes into effect on the day your initially limited new vehicle warranty expires. With $4,000, it wasn`t cheap. It offered four years of coverage and an additional 50,000 miles, up to a total of 100,000 miles. There was a deductible of 200 $US for each service visit. Q: Can I purchase a Tesla Extended Warranty if I purchase my Tesla from a private seller? The problem was the length of the deal: I wasn`t sure if I would keep the car for another four years. Tesla offers an extended warranty that it calls the Extended Service Agreement, but only for the Model S and Model X, not for the Model 3, the company`s entry-level vehicle. While third-party warranties are available, not all companies cover luxury brands or electric vehicles, or, if so, coverage may not be available for all models in the series. In our research of the best companies for advanced car warranties, we learned that the popular supplier CarShield offers protection for Tesla models.

You can ask them for price offers and model contracts. This is a reason to consider purchasing an extended warranty for a Tesla model. Another is that a Tesla doesn`t have a conventional internal combustion engine or gearbox, but it does have a sophisticated electric drive group and a wealth of onboard electronics and computer technology. It is simply one of the most advanced vehicles in current production. And advanced technology usually means expensive repairs when things fail. Tesla is a young company, and most of its models on the street are also young. Thus, aftermarket warranty companies may not necessarily provide the coverage you would get for a consumer brand`s vehicle. They should go to third-party warranty companies to see if they cover Tesla models.

Some of these suppliers do not cover certain luxury and performance vehicles. One of the best companies with an extended warranty, CarShield, however, covers all Tesla models….

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