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His seizures were passive and aggressive: he pretended to be sick, refused to leave his TriBeCa apartment, or simply did not appear. “The ball was thrown by the boy` uses the passive voice”; `The bullet was thrown` is an abbreviated passive” A passive-aggressive Royal claimed she had been “injured” by the “very aggressive” attacks. But if he had not been passive, as you call him, what would you have done to Mr Solmes? Memory is passive, and therefore memory is a kind of passion. There are G-Chat protocols, passive and aggressive emails and everything around the Frivolous Now. synonyms:passive, Dormant, silent, inactive, peaceful, non-operational, static, immobile “For Taylor Swift, it`s as if her entire musical career wasn`t a tool of passive aggression against those who did their evil, as if I wasn`t charred: too easy to refute, ridiculous of her proposal.” – Taffy Brodesser-Akner, “Revenge of the Nerds,” Review Paris (June 22, 2015) We ask for nothing but passive cooperation – that is, free passage for n os troops. Some common synonyms of passive are idle, inactive, inert and supine. While all of these words mean “not involved in work or activity,” passive implies immobility or lack of normally expected reaction to an external force or influence and often suggests deliberate submission or self-control. She spends her time waging a guerrilla war of passive and aggressive acts against him that intensifies every day. The more frequent use of passive aggressive and their variants is that a behavior that annoys others. Passive aggression is the action that people could perform. The use of the passive aggressive notion can often involve calling a person`s behavior explaining that they behave this way. It also appears on websites that explain how to treat someone who is passively aggressive and non-communicative.

While in some cases almost identical to passive, idle applies to people who are not employed or employed, or to their forces or devices. The words supine and passive are synonymous, but differ in nuances. In particular, Supine only applies to people and often involves abatement or inertia. Throughout this transaction, the Moravia has been passive and irrefutable. Madame Raquin remained addicted and passive like a bunch of canvases. The first time passive-aggressive behavior was ever described was in 1945 in a technical bulletin of the U.S. Department of War.

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