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If the stop/deviation is necessary to make a valid and relevant issuance of the building permit If a building application expires (after 3 years) and there has been no development related to the shutdown order of the Government Office, the applicant must complete a new stop order with a new building permit. Unless the stop order is objected to, the processing time for stop requests is generally at least nine months. Use this form to request an order to close or divert a highway. The provisions of sections 247 and 248 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 allow for the stopping or redecoration of motorways to allow for development. The Regulation may also include the provision of new or improved motorways, provided that they are also part of the building permit. This provision may include the stopping of private access roads and the provision of new access roads in accordance with section 125 of the Highways Act 1980, in which case the application should be made by a local motorway authority. If the execution of a building permit requires immobilization/diversion, the stop/diversion is carried out in accordance with the Spatial Planning Act. In accordance with section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act, the Secretary of State for Transport may issue a “stop order” to eliminate motorway rights if this is necessary to facilitate development. Section 247 is also used for the provision of replacement roads and the improvement of existing motorways.

Examples where section 247 could be used: the term “stop” means that once such a provision has been made, the motorway country ceases to be a motorway, road or pedestrian path, i.e. motorway rights are extinguished by law. Those who are concerned by the ordinance and/or who have an interest in the proposed arrival and diversion could provide, for the stopping/diversion of all other motorways, § 118 and 119, the stopping and diversion of pedal and equestrian trails by a motorway authority and not by a district court. They do not apply to roads. Stopping/diverting public trails, equestrian trails is carried out by the country access team The stop orders provided for at point 248 allow motorways to stop or bypass when they cross or enter the route of a proposed new (or improved) motorway (“the main road”) or are affected by the construction or improvement of the main road for which the building permit is issued. Generally speaking, this process turns out to be unsuccessful, because anyone can oppose the stop and it is difficult to prove that the highway is useless…

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