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“Send the command for the difference between the number used/installed and the last number declared. This includes licenses for which the product has been used or installed at some point since the last true-up, even if the licenses are not actively used at the time of your true-up” [Ref: EA True Up Guide, page 4] Enterprise desktop/user products must have the same quantities on all components. If z.B was the initial command for Office, Windows and CAL and now 200 users are added via true-up, the true-up command must have the same quantities; i.e. 200 Office + 200 Windows + 200 CAL. A number of software management tools are available, including Microsoft® Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP), MS® Systems Management Server, and MS® System Center Essentials. You can also perform a manual inventory. Once done, just compare your actual usage with the number of licenses displayed in your license overview. You can access your license list at the MS® Volume Licensing Service Center If your actual number exceeds the number in the license preview, you must place an order for the difference. You can place any number of true-up orders year-round, but you must place at least one during the period starting 60 days before your EA`s birthday and 15 days after. Even if you don`t have any changes to report, a zero-usage command is required. For the census of Enterprise Products, the wording of the registration certainly took into account an obvious conflict that takes into account the “changes” over the lifetime or since the last anniversary, but also later under the term “at the time of the true up order”. The general perception of many IT experts was that the corporate agreement provided for seasonal adaptation or an allowance for temporary dual deployments, the revised wording would clearly indicate a shift away from a “trust-based model”.

(iii) online services. For online services eligible for truth under the product terms, the registered partner may reserve additional licenses prior to use, and payment may be deferred until the next true-up order. Microsoft provides the registered partner and its software consultant with a reserved license report that goes beyond existing orders. Reserved licenses are billed retroactively to the month in which they were reserved. (ii) adding licenses for previously ordered products. Additional licenses for previously ordered products that are not online services can be added at any time, but must be included in the next true-up order. Additional licenses for the Online Services must be ordered prior to use, unless the Online Services (1) are included in the Product Terms as valid for the truth or (2) under other licenses. Online services do not require an enterprise-wide license (i.e. 750 x M365 E3 User SL for the first order). True up can be for 200 additional O365 E3 SL`s users. Additional licenses can be added at any time (usually through a license reservation via the VLSC) and cross-checked for the anniversary.

Online bookings are the method used to add incremental users for online products, with the requirement that orders must be submitted monthly (to enable incremental users inside the Microsoft portal). Under this method, payment is deferred until the next anniversary of the contract. Note that Microsoft does not allow license reservations to be added in the last month of the agreement. While most customers know how many users they need in the last month (and request a new booking in the penultimate month of registration), very large customers sometimes expect extensive negotiations that can go beyond the agreement expiration date….

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