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(B) The company wishes to subcontract to the subcontractor certain services that involve the processing of personal data. The data exporter entered a data processing plan (“DPS”) with the data importer. In accordance with the provisions of the DPS, it is provided that the services provided by the data importer include the transfer of personal data to the data importer. The data importer is located in a country that does not guarantee an adequate level of data protection. In order to ensure compliance with Directive 95/46/EC and current data protection legislation, the controller for the provision of those services, including the related processing of personal data, subject to the application and compliance by the importer with those clauses. (6.1.b) if you need appropriate assistance for prior consultations with supervisory or other competent data protection authorities. This data processing agreement is adapted from the ProtonMail DPA that you will find on this page. Organizations can use the document below as part of their GDPR compliance. Please note that the personal data relating to a data subject contained in the text of the text message may contain specific categories of data, for example.B. health data relating to that data subject. The arrangements for the transmission and, where applicable, the specific categories of personal data are set out in Annex 1, which forms an integral part of the clauses.

7.1 Subject to clause 7.3, you subcontract (as a data exporter) and, where applicable, each processor (as a data importer) the standard contractual clauses relating to a limited transfer from you to that processor. Standard contractual clauses are available here. (b) Personal data may be processed for the purpose of printing shipping labels for the shipment of goods ordered by data subjects. The data may contain the name and address of a data subject. Personal data is sent by the customer to Logistyx securely and transmitted by Logistyx to carriers designated by the customer in a secure method (subject to the requirements of any designated carrier). After the transmission of the personal data to the designated carrier, all personal data will be deleted within __________ days. 8. Data protection impact assessment and prior consultation The processor shall provide appropriate assistance to the company for all data protection impact assessments and prior consultations with supervisory authorities or other competent data protection authorities that the company deems reasonably necessary in accordance with Articles 35 or 36 of the GDPR or equivalent provisions of another protection law data selection. in any event, only with regard to the processing of the company`s personal data by and taking into account the type of processing and information available to the processors. .

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