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Hello, Paul. No, MBFS (and any other financial company) allows you, at your discretion, to increase the mileage if you pay extra. But they do not allow you to reduce the mileage and benefit from a lower payment. All you can really hope for is that your car, since it has a much lower mileage than expected at the end of the deal, will be worth more than its GMFV. An HP (Higher Purchase) contract has higher monthly payments compared to a personal purchase (PCP) or personal Contract Hire (PCH) because you reimburse the total value of the car. Hello Stuart I have been in a PCP contract with Mini for two years and I want to change cars. Do you know if the financial company will accept an offer for its comparative figure, or is it unethical? I had Mercedes` car evaluated, and they are willing to pay for my Mini just below the comparison figure (£400) to PX, but I was hoping I wouldn`t have to pay any negative equity at all… The other possibility is that I do it in private, but not too much for that! Thank you James. Assuming the financial company is satisfied with it, this should not be a problem. Be sure to check the total amount to be paid and all the GTC with the bank loan, as additional fees or charges could easily negate the savings you can make on the interest rate.

If the financing has been agreed with another financial company, you need to review your contract to see what it contains. If you pay the contract after three months, you pay a tax for early invoicing, which is however much lower than the interest you save (you only pay interest worth three months instead of three years). Hi, Bim. Yes, you can take the merchant`s financing and pay earlier. If you choose to do this, then it is best to do so immediately (within the first month) in order to minimize fees and interest. However, what you can normally do is sign up for funding to receive the £2500 deposit contribution, and after receiving delivery of the car, cancel the funding. You have 14 days to do so. Audi Finance immediately charges you the borrowed amount you pay since you already have the money. . . .

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