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Data use and/or analysis must fall within the scope described in the protocol-approved protocol and may contain identifiable private information about the object. However, for research that is not intended to audit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PNS CAN respond to a subject`s request to destroy participant data or exclude data from further analysis. They are encouraged to consult with the funding agency, if necessary, to ensure that the funding agency`s requirements are met. The IO may appoint administrative staff and/or faculties (for example. B Legal Counsel) at the university, who act as non-voting members of the IRB, when the IO, the IRB Chair or the Director of the RSC decide that these individuals will be useful to the IRB in the performance of its duties. The people involved in the commercial function or the development of the research have no IRB function and are not involved in the ongoing operation of the verification process. A non-voting member cannot be counted in the quorum and cannot vote, but may participate in discussions. In addition, funding agencies may have additional iRB affiliate requirements. For example, the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) states that when an IRB reviews a NIDRR-funded research project, which specifically targets children with disabilities as research topics, the IRB must include at least one person whose primary interest is the well-being of children with disabilities. In reviewing this type of research project, the IRB may use ad hoc examiners with specific expertise in the treatment of children with disabilities. The IRB must verify and approve the information contained in all advertisements used to recruit subjects for a specific research study and the nature of their communication.

In general, the messages used to recruit researchers should be limited to the information that a potential subject should determine in order to determine whether they are eligible and whether they are interested in participation. In particular, information such as: changes to consent forms or procedures, protocols or activities/activities related to the study should be verified and approved by the IRB before any changes to study procedures, unless necessary to eliminate the obvious immediate risks to the subjects.

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