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“license,” the software license granted to you under this CAU. · License duration: until the end of the subscription period. Subject to a separate agreement with Trimble or a licensed distributor and subject to payment of the fees incurred, you can also purchase a national commercial license for an unlimited period of licence. “essential licensing patent,” claims that, without a licence, are necessarily and inevitably violated (for technical but non-commercial reasons) by the use of the interface by Trimble or by a member of the Trimble Partnership Program; All software is licensed or provided as a service and is not sold. The software is subject to the separate agreements presented by Trimble in connection with the software, including, but not limited, software licenses, product manuals, user manuals or other documentation (e.g. B, end-user license agreement (“CAU”), terms of use or terms of use (together “user agreements”). You agree that you are bound by such user agreements. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these conditions and those of a user agreement, the terms of the user agreement are monitored. No provision of these conditions should be construed as granting rights or licenses for the use of software in any way or for purposes that are not expressly authorized by the current usage agreement. You have the intellectual property rights of your application and the relevant documentation. However, you grant Trimble a license to use your app, for example.

B for the development of Tekla software products and services. 14.10 None of the parties is held liable to the other party in the event of a delay or non-compliance with a requirement of this ECJ (except non-payment of taxes) if the delay or failure is due to unforeseen events; which occur after the CLU comes into force and are beyond the proper control of that party, such as strikes, blockades, war, terrorist acts, insurrections, riots, fires, explosions, natural disasters, failures or decreases in electricity or telecommunications or data networks or services, denial-of-service attack, embargo or denial of licence by a government authority (a “force majeure event”). In the event of force majeure, the other party is immediately informed of its appearance and its estimated duration. If the delivery of the ECJ is delayed by more than three (3) months due to a case of force majeure, one party may terminate the EBA by communicating it in writing to the other party. The rights conferred on you are subject to the issuance of a non-exclusive licence under all essential patents or license patents, which you claim are essential takers` patents that you or one of your related companies own or has the right to i) Trimble or (ii) of a third-party licensee who wishes such a licensee, on fair and reasonable terms, which are not, in all cases, less favourable than the terms of this LAA, for the purposes of developing, using and/or disseminating BIM content, whether for commercial or other purposes, licensed. They also accept that the patent license issued under this clause will include the release of all claims for infringement of essential license patents. In order to avoid any doubt, any non-compliance with this clause by you constitutes an offence under this ICD. Trimble has the right to terminate these terms of partnership and/or this CAU if: a) you or your partner has somehow claimed a license patent or patent purportedly an essential license patent, including, but not exclusively, infringement claims or actions against the software; or proceedings or allegations filed before a court, arbitration tribunal or other similar forum whereby the development, use or dissemination of BIM applications and/or content infringe one of the licensee`s essential patents owned or are sublicensing to your or your related business or related business, or b) if you or your trimble partner or your related business

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