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We have other forms of agreement, a sponsorship contract (Long) and the sponsorship agreement (short). Both are in the “Event-Sponsoring” sub-file in the “Commercial Agreements” group in the “Business” folder. They may be used by a charity or other organization, but they are more written in favor of the sponsor than the commercial sponsorship agreement of the charnity event. The longer form is more demanding, for use if the size of one or both parts is large, the amount of sponsorship is quite considerable, and more than one sponsorship payment is or can be made. The shorter form is for other cases. Although sponsorship agreements do not take long, they can open traps for reckless non-profit organizations. Ideally, a not-for-profit organization has a privileged form of sponsorship contract that arrives before the end of the contract phase. But many corporate sponsors will have a privileged form of sponsorship. A non-profit organization should be discreet in accepting conditions that it does not wish to renew in future contracts, especially if it intends to continue working with a sponsor. When negotiating a sponsorship contract, a non-profit organization can benefit from a clear idea of what it offers in exchange for sponsorship.

Companies that sponsor non-profit events do so on the end of the day, expecting their contribution to the event to be of considerable value to the company. The sponsor realizes the value by regular and high-level use of its name and logos, and by its association with one thing that is in its analysis is one that its customers also want to support. My organization is in the process of reaching out to sponsorship companies by offering marketing opportunities (mainly advertising in print materials, but also event sponsorship). All the advice I`ve read says, “Get a signed contract.” All advice on what should be in the contract (or not) receive gratitude. Corporate sponsorships attract the attention of for-profit businesses because sponsorship thieves publicly recognize the connection between the company and a particular charitable cause, which can help businesses attract new customers or enhance the company`s reputation, because the goodwill of the non-profit organization “Halo-Effekt” is good. Non-profit organizations, on the other hand, receive financial support and can also receive greater media and public attention, in-kind services and/or products. This commercial sponsorship agreement for the charity event is intended to be used by a small or large charity that organizes an event for which it has secured a non-exclusive financial sponsor. The payment helps fund the event or fund the charity`s donations. The sponsor will be a company that wishes to be associated with the charity and its event. This model will be tailored to most types of fairly simple individual events, and provides for a single sponsorship fee to the charity for commercial services that the charity must make available to the sponsor.

In return for the payment, the charity agrees to grant the sponsor a number of specific sponsorship benefits, including the use of the sponsor`s name, logo or brand, to promote the sponsor`s activity and link the sponsor to the event. The payment by the sponsor for the services provided to him is not a gift on his part and it can be considered a cost of activity deductible from the sponsor`s tax. The charity may have to levy VAT on the payment and it wishes or must enter into the subsidiary contract in place of the charity itself (in this case, it would have to be modified to include the subsidiary). Tax advice should be sought by the charity (and sponsor) to verify the position in all cases. Does anyone have a typical contract to sponsor a business? An agreement should not be a complex legal document, but it must have expectations, roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders.

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