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Hello, my name is Sonya Burks. I am a resident of the Atlanta metropolitan area. My roots started in Jackson, Mississippi, where I earned a Ph.D. in Science degree from Jackson State University, where I received the sonic boom. Prior to moving to Atlanta, GA eight years ago with my husband and three children, I was assistant program director for AmeriCorps, NCCC, which supported emergency management. In addition, I worked for 13 years for the Minority Capital Fund of MS Inc. (MinCap), a non-profit organization that provided small minority and female loans. During my tenure, I held many positions within the Agency, including the Acting Director, who managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of commercial loans. My professional experience spans more than 20 years. I coordinated and led major national service projects, worked with FEMA to immediately provide boots at the site in response to the reported disaster across the country; Served on a voluntary detail in Orlando, Florida and Guaynabo, in response to Hurricane Harvey and IMRA. In addition, I have worked in various functions for the U.S. Business Administration over the past 10 years.

Currently, I am a Paralegal specialist for Region IV. My office is located in the Georgia District Office, where I legally support the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Hello, my name is Johnnie Green, local president of AFGE Local 228. I represented Local 228 in the development and ratification of the 2013 Master Labor Agreement. I represent 228 AFGE Local members and bargaining unit staff in complaints, unfair labour practices and EEO submissions. I am a mediator of change and fair working practices for all employees of the SBA bargaining unit. I am at the Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center, where I am a loan sales agent. I`ve been working at the Little Rock Loan Servicing Center for 19 years. I have 20 school companies and the exclusive representation of the company can negotiate informally before September 15.

Formal negotiations will begin on 15 September and must be completed by 15 November. Information on the public hearing prior to formal negotiations and the two public meetings can be found in the Practioner`s Guide to Bargaining and Impasse. If the parties are unable to conclude a contract and ratify it before 15 November, the IEERB declares the impasse and calls in a mediator. The Ombudsman has 30 days to meet 1 to 3 times with the parties to settle the contract.

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