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The Central Bucks` $342.25 million budget for this school year maintained the tax line for the fifth consecutive year, while a healthy US$46 million fund or savings account was maintained. Teachers from the Central Bucks School District and other professionals in their 1,311-member union receive total wage increases of 16 to 29 percent for the duration of a new four-year contract approved by school management at Tuesday night`s meeting. The pay increases in the agreement will cost the borough, which has 18,000 students in 23 schools – an additional $13.9 million over the life of the contract, school district officials estimated. The contract will cost the borough an additional $13.9 million over its lifetime, officials said. An interim agreement was reached about two weeks ago and published on the school district`s website. The union ratified it last week. Under the new five-year contract, which runs until February 2024, Kopicki will receive a base salary of $235,000 per year. It receives an annual increase of at least 2.5 per cent per school year from the 2020-2021 school year, “provided that the performance assessment is considered competent.” “I think the agreement with the 93rd Act is fair to our administrators and meets our budgetary constraints,” Kopicki said. “Our administrators strive to continually improve the Bucks Central District and focus on improving the best care and outcomes for our students.” Doylestown, PA — The Central Bucks School District has another five-year contract with Superintendent John Kopicki. The employment contract was approved at a school board meeting on February 26. Initial and maximum salaries are $45,949 and $109,263 for the first year of the contract. US$46,299 and USD 110,963 in the second year, $46,649 and USD 112,863 in the third year, $47,000 and $114,863 last year. The initial and maximum salaries for this school year, the final year of the current agreement, are $45,599 and $107,713.

The new contract will cost the school district about $11.87 million in the first year, $12.22 million in the second year and $12.58 million in the third year, DiDio-Hauber estimated. She pointed out that these figures are approximately born and do not contain wear or complement to the 93-digits of Act 93. This news organization was not immediately able to try to reach President Glenn Schloeffel or the teachers` union with President William Senavaitis for an opinion. Other benefits include 15 sick days, 21 days off, three personal days, group life insurance with double annual salary, health care and more. The full agreement can be reached here. “This is a very strong agreement that reflects the influence of teachers on our children`s education,” school board president Glenn Schoeffel said Tuesday night.

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