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4. Where the Fund`s holdings in the currency of an outgoing member are greater than the amount owed to it and no agreement is reached on the accounting method within six months of the date of withdrawal, the former member is required to repay the excess currency in a freely usable currency. The repayment is made at the rates at which the Fund would sell these currencies at the time of the Fund`s exit. The outgoing member is required to complete the withdrawal within five years of the date of revocation or a longer period set by the Fund, but is not required to repay more than one-tenth of the Fund`s excess assets on its currency at the time of exit, plus other purchases of the currency during that semester , over a period of one semester. If the member who retires does not fulfil this obligation, the fund may, in each market, liquidate in an orderly manner the amount of money that should have been repaid. The Fund has the right at all times to communicate, informally, to each member, its views on all issues raised by this agreement. The Fund may decide, by a majority of 70% of the vote, to publish a report to a member on its monetary or economic conditions and developments, which directly leads to a serious imbalance in the international balance of payments of members. The member concerned is entitled to representation in accordance with Section 3, Point J) of this article. The Fund does not publish a report on changes in the basic structure of the members` economic organization. In addition to commitments made with respect to special drawing rights arising from other articles of this agreement, each participant undertakes to cooperate with the Fund and other participants to ensure the proper functioning of the Underwriting Rights Department and the correct use of special drawing rights in accordance with this agreement and to make the Special Drawing Right the main reserve asset of the international monetary system. 7. When an amendment is proposed, the Fund approves or contradicts the proposed face value within a reasonable period of time after receiving the proposal.

The Fund agrees when it is convinced that change is necessary to correct or prevent a fundamental imbalance. The Fund must not object to the internal social or political policy of the member proposing the amendment. A proposed change in face value will not come into effect for the purposes of this agreement if the Fund opposes it. If a member changes the face value of his currency despite the Fund`s objection, the member is subject to Article XXVI, Section 2. Maintaining an unrealistic face value by a member is deterred by the Fund. 2. If the commitment that remains at the Fund`s expense after the imposition under Article XXIV, Section 2, Point b), and no agreement is reached within six months of the closing date, the terminating member commits to it within three years of the end or within the longer period set by the Fund. The terminating participant fulfils this obligation, for example: (a) by paying a currency freely usable to the Fund, or b) by obtaining special drawing rights in accordance with Article XXIV, Section 6, of the General Resource Account, or in agreement with a participant designated by the Fund or another holder, and by compensating for these special drawing rights.

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